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How APFC panels improve power factor for the circuit?

What Is Power Factor?

First of all, you have to know about power factor and what does it mean actually. Power factor is the ratio of real current flowing through the circuit and apparent power of the circuit. The final result is dimensionless number between 0 and 1.

Real power is the actual capacity to which level any circuit any perform in particular time duration. At the same time, apparent power is current and voltage flowing through the circuit. Due to current energy stored inside circuit and current flowing currently, apparent power is always large as compared to real power.

Value of Power Factor

You would be shocked to know that power factor value should be low always. For lower power factor value, amount of current flowing through circuit will be greater. At the same time, for high power factor value, amount of current flowing through circuit would be less always.

For the circuit where large current is drawing through wires, the size of wires should be larger and they should be heavy. If wires are not arranged properly in case of lower power factor then it may result into heavy energy loss. It may cost heavy amount to the industries as compared to those who are using high power factor circuits. If we opt for circuits with high power factor value then it will reduce the amount of current flowing through it.

How APFC Work

Here, organizations will not enjoy actual benefits from the product as it should be. The best solution here is to use APFC Panel India to improve overall efficiency of the circuit. APFC Panel India or Automatic power factor connection panels are especially utilized to compensate sudden changes for power factor. Today, most of the industries have APFC Panels to neutralize effect of power factors over circuit.

They increase overall efficiency of distribution networks and make it more suitable for the industries. To know more Regarding Other Electronics panels like LT Panel Manufacturers, Lighting Relay Panels, Control Panels, Relay Control Panel and Generator control panels you can Contact us.

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