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Automation Control Panels
CPRI Approved Power Control Panels manufacturers in India

The Essentials of a Control Panel

The control panel also named as cabinet comprises various electric components that helps in controlling motor and related equipments as well. Some of the essential electrical components embedded inside include – electrical control panel, motor control center, programming logic control panel and different types of cables.

Different cables and their objectives

The objective of cables is to connect various electrical components together. For Relay Control Panels, generally two types of cables are required. These are power cables and control cables. The objective of power cables is to supply power to control panel so it connects motor and electrical components to the main power supply.

The next is control cable whose purpose is to connect control circuits. Further, there are bus bars to connect different circuits together. In the last, there is signal cable to send signals to different components. The cables also distribute the power evenly throughout the control panel. You can also test incoming power supply through different types of cables.

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers)

Miniature Circuit Breakersis usually connected before feeder and works as a protective device. Its selection is based on feeder capacity and highly safe in use.

Further, there are selector switches, controllers and timers etc. these are the essentials of a control panel that should be focused by electrical control panel manufacturers while designing or developing the same. It is true that capacity can always be customized based on clients’ requirements. We are the leading electrical control panel manufacturers from decades. To know more on to us, contact us now.


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